My Story


I Guess i Should Tell You My Story.
My Anorexia Started When I Was 12, The Split Up Of My Mum And Foster Dad.
I Dont Think I Did It Because I Was Upset, I Saw It Coming, I Think I Did It Beacuse I Wanted To Be Hurd. 'Starving For Attention'
After 2 Years Of On And Off Anorexia, I Wasnt Aware Of The Fact It Was A Disorder.
When i finaly found out it was i then found mia.
That was the official point of no going back.
Loosing weight became the MOST important thing in my life for the next year right till now infact...
i started doing bad at school, still am, they all thought i was on drugs, school even called my mum about me 'doing drugs'.
Things got worse and worse.
Starving made me happy!
It still does.
Im talking as if im recovered. I was until my ex-best-friend, also and ex-pro-miAna, shouted at me, blaming me for the way she is, calling me sick, that i tryed to mould her.
Honestly, shes fat, and always will be, im not lying to you.
I know im lying to myself saying that starving will help me, i know its wrong and bad, so should you.
So with recovery over im back on track, back to my goals, back to all the old sites.


Never Did I Think That I Could Push My Body To These Lengths

But I Liked It =] All That Attention. The Skinny Girls Always Get The Looks, Even If It Is Because They Are TOO Skinny

Ana And Mia
Friends Forever
Until The Bitter End.