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5 Day Challenge

  For the five day challenge you need to get others involved. You fight against each other for 5 days, dieting, fasting, purging, however you wish to play. You keep everything you do in a diary along with your morning weigh in. After 5 days you and you friend do a final weigh and compair who lost the most. The biggest looser is the winner.


My Tips

Keep your diary, its your life line.

Drink like a fish, hot water makes you feel full, and cold water highers your motabalisum.

Ana and Mia are you best friends! You are in love with them! They are your special little secret! Choose them over food or drinks (other than water) or they will make you feel sad, angry with yourself and FAT.

Look in the mirror and tell yourself over and over that your fat and ugly, with the help of Ana or Mia you WILL get thin and pretty.

Why swallow that food in your mouth? how about just chew it up and spit it out, just like gum.

Take lots of vitamins! You need all of them, and they make you less hungry and have more energy.

Dont over use laxatives. Eventualy your insides will stop working and you wont be able to not use them.

Motabalisum pills (the lazy persons diet) never really worked for me, they only work on REALLY FAT people.

Purging, dont over do that too. Eventualy your insides will stop working and your teeth will rott. And so on.

Dont brush your teeth right after purging. Bad for them!

Work out, even if your just laying in bed moving your body, anything helps.

If your sitting down move your legs.

Dont take the lift, take the stairs.

Walk the long way round.

Listen to Thinspo music, over and over. Look at the pretty pictures of the pretty models.

Feel that pain yet? Thats success!

Note from Beauty: I didnt take these from sites, this is all from the top of my head.