Ana Astrology

Aries: Constantly challenge yourself to lose more, more, more.
Taurus: Physical hardship is your strength. Exercise and restrict a lot.
Gemini: Communicate your feelings, achievements and frustrations about ana to others, preferably online though!
Cancer: Spend your days cooking for others instead of yourself.
Leo: Be proud of every achievement you make, and know that more is in store.
Virgo: Remember that your past fat was an injustice against you.
Libra: You are adept at finding true balance between eating and restricting.
Scorpio: Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate food. And know you'll get more partners when thinner.
Sagittarius: Don't suppress hunger pangs; enjoy them!
Capricorn: "Thou shalt not" works perfectly for you.
Aquarius: Think outside of the box; innovate new diets and routines for optimal efficiency!
Pisces: Dream about your target weight and know that it is a possibility.