You will find me at Fading Obsession.

I Need More Encouragement Or Something...
I Can Not Eat Then As Soon As I See Something Tasty Ill Eat It And Ill Eat More And Ill Keep Eating...
Then Im Sick... Then Ill Go Starve Myself Again...
I Know This Is Normaly... But I Wanna Just Go And Starve...
I Need To Be Prettier And Skinnier...
I Need To Be Better Than Everyone....
I Need To Win....


Its Been Quite a While.
i was on the way to recovery
i was basicaly there until resently.

an ex-pro-miAna friend told me i was sick, horribly to look at, ugly, i should starve myself to death, i was a bitch to drag her down with me..

now im lost


I dont Dare weigh myself. Im too scared.

This is a horrible time of the year.

christmas dinner, chocolates and sweets, new years parties with snacks and drink.

Its hard to stay stong and leave your friends and family not knowing about your secret.






My Goals

7st (98lbs) completed

6st 10lbs (94lbs) completed

6st 7lbs (91lbs)

6st 4lbs (88lbs)

6st (84lbs)

5st 10lbs (80lbs)

5st 7lbs (77lbs)






my dad says im a reject! my mum hates me! and the school say im failing!


the only thing i have left is to reach my goals!

then i wont be as much of a failier!


I hate being ill!!

today i had a salad sandwich!

it was yum i guess!

food is discusting :(


Today i weigh 96lbs!

made me happy!

dont worrie! this diary will get better over time!

im ill at the moment so im not up for over working on here!

leave it a week or two and this will all be up and running smooth!

stay strong! love Beauty!


Finaly i have done it. I have managed to make my own site.

I will try and add to it regulary and get it up and running.

Get people to have a look at my site please!

Much love Beauty x