Goals 12/12/2007

My Goals

7st (98lbs) completed

6st 10lbs (94lbs) completed

6st 7lbs (91lbs)

6st 4lbs (88lbs)

6st (84lbs)

5st 10lbs (80lbs)

5st 7lbs (77lbs)

:( 12/09/2007


my dad says im a reject! my mum hates me! and the school say im failing!


the only thing i have left is to reach my goals!

then i wont be as much of a failier!

Im Still ill :( 12/07/2007

I hate being ill!!

today i had a salad sandwich!

it was yum i guess!

food is discusting :(

Im ill :( 12/06/2007

Today i weigh 96lbs!

made me happy!

dont worrie! this diary will get better over time!

im ill at the moment so im not up for over working on here!

leave it a week or two and this will all be up and running smooth!

stay strong! love Beauty!

Finaly Made It! 12/06/2007

Finaly i have done it. I have managed to make my own site.

I will try and add to it regulary and get it up and running.

Get people to have a look at my site please!

Much love Beauty x